Pilates Core Center – Mentor/Apprentice Program

BB Authorized Training Center

Attaining your Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training is the perfect start on a successful journey as a Pilates teacher. But it’s just the beginning. Once you start practicing all you have learned, a thousand questions will pop up. We’re here to answer them.

Our Mentor/Apprentice Program will help to translate all of the knowledge you’ve gained and help you understand how to apply it in real teaching scenarios.

We offer support and mentoring during this next critical phase as you log the teaching, practice, and observation hours that are required by your chosen comprehensive training program. This program was developed in response to our students who wanted (and needed) continued guidance and support.

Reading the manual and practicing the exercises is one thing, but the chance to observe master trainers in the trenches is invaluable. And the added opportunity for Q&A so that you can go from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’ will improve your work by leaps and bounds.

The Pilates Core Center Mentor/Apprentice Program will also help you enter the test out for your chosen comprehensive training with complete confidence and will prepare you for the PMA certification.

The Pilates Exchange is a group class designed to address the questions and concerns of current and future Pilates teachers. We will meet once a month (see schedule for dates/times) for two hours to learn, brainstorm, ask questions and dig deeper into exercises, anatomy and alignment as they relate to Pilates training. There will be a periodic open forum to address specific questions for each member.

Our master teacher trainers provide the time, knowledge, and depth of experience that is so needed for the student teacher. Come observe, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the challenging and rewarding career as a Pilates instructor.


  • Minimum Course Requirements:
    • Completion of Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2, Anatomy
    • Approval of the Pilates Core Center Director of Education

Required hours:

  • Observation – 40 hours
    • Class Observation – 20 hours
    • Public Privates – 20 hours
  • Student Teaching – 160 hours
  • Private Session with a Mentor – 10 hours

Fees - $900:

  • Observation Hours (40 hrs.) - $200
  • Mentor Privates (10 hrs.) - $700

For more information:

Jessica: 609-731-2429
Diane: 856-912-2236
Studio: 856-985-0900


Having completed my Mat and Reformer teacher trainings at Pilates Core Center, I felt honored, proud and enthusiastic to be selected as the very first student to participate in their Apprenticeship/Mentoring program. Despite the studio being an hour commute from my house, Sylvia’s expertise and knowledge were certainly felt to be well worth this extra time. Not only would this program help me develop and broaden my teaching skills, it would also help me transform my career from a fitness instructor into that of a Pilates Instructor.

The three words that encompass my experience in the Apprenticeship/Mentoring program are: inspirational, passionate and fun! Sylvia, as well as instructors Jess, Melissa, Michele and Olga, whose classes I both participated in and observed, are seasoned passionate leaders who weave their skills together with their personalities to create a safe and authentic class.

The Pilates Core Center Apprenticeship/Mentoring program has provided me with the opportunity to develop and refine my personal practice in addition to giving me the ability to pass my knowledge onto my students. Having the opportunity to have private sessions with a Mentor provided me with so much more information about my own body alignment. Seeing the way I “moved” helped me make the necessary adjustments I needed to improve both my body awareness, as well as better understand body mechanics in order to impart that knowledge to my students.

I would highly recommend this program to all students of Pilates who have completed a teacher training program. This program helps crystallize the practical applications after gaining the bookwork education, creating a well-rounded, comprehensive Pilates instructor.

In the future, I will continue my Pilates education with more teacher training in Apparatus, Chair and Reformer III. A big thanks to all of you.


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