What does returning to in-studio classes/private session look like?

  1. To control individuals walking into the studio such as delivery people , unexpected visitors, and to limit the number of individuals in the studio at any given time the front door will remain locked at all times.
  2. You will be asked to remain in your car or practice social distancing outside the studio until the door is opened prior to class. Please enter the studio wearing your facemask.
  3. Individual plastic bins will be provided in the vestibule. You will be asked to place your shoes, wallet (we ask that you not bring your purse into the studio), and keys into the bin.  Your items will be secure as the door will be kept locked.
  4. Please wash or sanitize hands, non-slip socks are required, and if you do not have your own set of straps and if you are not wearing gloves (Pilates gloves, or latex gloves), Mondo Medical Barrier film will be provided to cover handles/hand straps.
  5. Once the class is over, we ask that you remove your straps and replace them with the studio straps. If you used the barrier film, please discard it on your way out of the class.
  6. We ask that you sanitize your hands and exit the studio so we can prepare for the next class.
  7. Once you remove your items from the bins we will sanitize them for the next class.
  8. We ask that you bring your own mat for any of the mat classes, your own towels, and water.

Please note you will be required to wear non-slip socks and a face mask – you will need to bring your own mat for any mat class, as well as a towel from home – bring a water bottle from home

What is in place to keep clients and staff safe?

  1. All staff will be wearing face masks or shields.
  2. We will be washing our hands before and after classes.
  3. We will be cleaning equipment between classes and using UV wand (hoping it arrives before opening).
  4. The studio will be cleaned throughout the day and we are conducting two deep cleanings per week.
  5. Medical Grade Air Purifying Filtration equipment will be in each room.
  6. The group reformer classes have been reduced from a max class of 10 to 6.
  7. The group mat classes have also been reduced to 6.
  8. We are offering online/on-demand and Virtual classes/private sessions for clients who are unable or uncomfortable returning to in-studio classes.
  9. Each staff member and client will be required to complete and sign-off on a Screening for COVID-19 form before entering the studio.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  PC2 is your studio of choice and we want you to feel safe and comfortable as you practice Pilates with us.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.  You have lifted our spirits and motivated us to dig deep and find creative ways to continue to provide you the best of Pilates in South Jersey.

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