New Client Information

Information for New Clients

We have no membership fees and a pricing structure to suit any budget.

We recommend that new clients begin by purchasing one of our two introductory packages:

"Intro to Pilates" Package for the First Time Client - 2 private sessions, 3 group mat classes, 2 group reformer classes $210  30 Days
 "Intro to Pilates Reformer" Package for First Time Clients - 2 private sessions, 2 group reformer classes $150 30 Days

The Introductory Packages are a great way to give you a feel for Pilates Core Center and will help you to decide which classes are best for you.  It will also give our instructors the chance to meet you one on one to introduce you to the equipment and to evaluate and make recommendations to assist you in developing a plan to meet your mind/body goals so you can experience the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

If you have any questions or are ready get started, please call us at 856-985-0900. 

Helpful Information
Physical or medical issues

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to communicate any preexisting medical problems to your instructor before your session or class.

Instructors can then offer you modifications of the exercises to meet your needs. This is particularly true for individuals recovering from injuries, with chronic muscular-skeletal issues, or those recovering from surgical or medical procedures.

Dress should be comfortable. Wear loose-fitting or non-restrictive clothing and avoid accessories that could impede your movement. Classes and sessions are all barefoot or with grip socks.

Cell Phones
Please help us maintain a peaceful environment by turning off your cell phone before entering the studio.

Please help us maintain a fragrance-free environment.

Bring your own or borrow one of our Mats.

On Arrival
Check in at the front desk, take off your shoes and please turn off your cell phone.

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