Pilates Core Center (PC²) and Dragonfly Yoga is a welcoming sanctuary away from the typical. The interior is tranquil to the senses and stimulating to the spirit. An intimate space with subtle décor and soothing background music creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere for all who visit. Our mission is to educate and motivate you along the path to total mind-body wellness in a supportive community with acceptance, care and laughter.

Private/Semi-Private Sessions test

PRIVATE SESSIONS by appointment - Designed to help you meet your fitness and wellness needs, private sessions offer you the opportunity to reap the full benefits of the Pilates method with personal attention from your instructor who will design your workout to help meet your goals.

Session Packages Master Teacher Associate Teacher Expiration
Single $75 $65 N/A
5 Session Package $360 $275 90 Day expiration
10 Session Package $700 $535 120 Day expiration


SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS by appointment – Perfect for the student who enjoys the personal attention of their instructor and also likes to workout with a friend or partner.  These sessions offer the opportunity to use the full range of Pilates equipment and to set your own individual fitness and wellness goals.  Prices are per person. 

Session PackagesMaster TeacherExpiration
Single $65 per person N/A
5 Session Package $210 per person 90 Day expiration
10 Session Package $400 per person 120 Day expiration

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